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Independence Day Special

You won't believe who we got to agree to host the special issue of Blawg Review on the 4th of July. A lawyer by profession, he's arguably one of the most important political leaders in American history. It was a condition of hosting Blawg Review that we wouldn't identify who our mystery host would be, prior to publication on July 4, suffice to say that he's connected to the father of the Declaration of Independence in some way. And don't be surprised if this issue of Blawg Review ends up mentioned in a book someday.

Because this is a very special issue for Blawg Review, we're looking for submissions of law blog posts on topics that are appropriate for consideration on Independence Day. Topics might include the Patriot Act, civil rights, the Declaration of Independence, separation of powers, federalism and other constitutional issues, freedom and democracy, war and peace, American political culture and heritage, and anything else you think should be considered on the 4th of July.

For his Blawg Review #13, on Independence Day, our host will consider any law blog post written in the past year on a topic of interest for this special. Just follow these submission guidelines to get involved in this special celebration. Please spread the word.