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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Skull & Bones #322

Blawg Review #322, inspired by Skull & Bones, is hosted by the imaginative Kevin A. Thompson at Cyberlaw Central. Everyone knows about Kevin's blog; fewer know much at all about the secret society known as Skull & Bones. So, first, a little backgrounder.

Kevin Thompson is well-established in the blawgsphere, having hosted Blawg Review six times previously. His first go at it was an inspriational #42, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blawgosphere. His next, #93, was illuminating, indeed. Kevin's third, #144, continued a numerical theme based on the number of guests at Bilbo Baggins's birthday party. Kevin was recognized with the award for Blawg Review of the Year 2009 for his tribute to Douglas Adams on Towel Day. Blawg Review #256 was an epic presentation based on Frank Herbert's Dune. And last year, with #295, Kevin got his geek on to mark the 27th anniversary of the first sale of an Apple Macintosh.

It's no secret that Kevin is one of the best ever to host Blawg Review, and we're honored that he's back again this year with his seventh presentation, Blawg Review #322, the Skull & Bones edition!

Blawg Review on Facebook!

If you know all about Dave! (that's Dave with an exclamation point) you know that he's been Simpsonized. He's a bona fide comic character!

Dave! had aleady hosted four unique presentations of Blawg Review, a clever chart format showing his programming skills, a back-to-school special while he was a law student, a bar exam nail-biter when he knew the feeling, and a flashback to the early days of the worldwide web. Crazzzzy! Whenever we see an opportunity for a Blawg Review that would be enhanced by his mad geek skillz, we turn to Dave!

Today, being the 28th birthday of Facebook co-founder and major shareholder Mark Zuckerberg, we asked Gulbransen if he could do a creative presentation for Blawg Review #321. I wasn't worried that he'd come up with something special, even when I hadn't heard from him throughout the week. I knew Dave! likes to be left alone while he's working on Blawg Review. I figured Dave! was hard at it on Saturday night...but then I spotted him cruising up Yonge Street with the family. Bwaahaha!

More Than A Woman

Girlfriends of the Court, Melissa and Kate, on Amicae Curiae present this week's Blawg Review #320 to mark the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc and the anniversary of the Seige of Orleans. Opening for the ladies in Australia are the incomparable Bee Gees!