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You Can't Fool an Old Fool

Eric Turkewitz, New York Personal Injury Lawyer and perennial prankster, went to great lengths this year with another of his well-conceived hoaxes, a bit late for the annual April Fools Day Blawg Review by George Wallace. Well, actually, Eric's intricately planned hoax was timed to trail the news of April Fools Day shenanigans, being released to the interwebs by Turk and a cadre of collaborators late on Sunday evening.

It would have been real easy for this week's host of Blawg Review to get sucked in by this story echoing throughout the blawgosphere, and link any one of the clever posts by these hoaxters in today's Blawg Review #315.

But this is Declarations and Exclusions, the serious law blog of George Wallace, an insurance lawyer who knows a scam when he sees one. George Wallace is nobody's fool.

From this week's Blawg Review #315:
[This space was almost occupied by links to a story that I have convinced myself was/is an April Fools' prank not of my making. If it proves to be real—which I suppose is possible in this ever-changing world in which we're living—you'll all know about it next week, and I will confess my doubts were misplaced.]

[Update 0725 PDT: My instincts have proven to be correct on this one. Hoaxing mastermind Eric Turkewitz explains all here.]

You can't fool an old fool.