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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

The History of April Fools Day

April Fools Day has a storied history on Blawg Review, too, always told on the personal and cultural web journal of lawyer George M. Wallace, a fool in the forest.

Every year since the inception of Blawg Review, George has treated everyone interested in law to a carnival of law blogs in a serious manner on his insurance law blog, Declarations and Exclusions, together with a bonus edition on April Fools Day, on a fool in the forest. No so much a prank, but a surprise, as it were. Alas, it was getting predictable. Year after year, without fail, George would "surprise" us with an April Fools Day edition. They were awsum, always, but to regular followers of Blawg Review seldom a surprise.

Last year, on April Fools Day, his special presentation alluded to the imminent demise of Blawg Review.

This April Fools' edition marks the tenth occasion on which it has been my pleasure to host an installment of Blawg Review. Thanks once again to the Anonymous Editor, and other supporters of this and previous editions.

As Futures will do, the Future of Blawg Review has shrouded itself in mystery. Should it turn out that the post you are reading is the Last Blawg Review Ever, it is my hope that you will agree with me that, unlike the denizens of our Little List, the institution of Blawg Review assuredly will be missed.

Was he kidding?! Could it be true? Some believed it was really over for Blawg Review. So influential a blawger is George Wallace, just sayin' could make things true.

This year, George is back to his old tricks again on April Fools Day, with a prequel to "Blawg Review #315". Is he pranking us? Can it be true? Do you believe? Read his April Fools Day Prequel, today, and come back tomorrow to see if there's another Blawg Review #315.