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Pardon the Interruption

In serious news, via the Pardon Power blog:
Dan Froomkin, senior Washington editor for the Huffington Post has written a fantastic piece on President Obama's complete failure to pardon. It is entitled, "Turkey Spared - But Obama's Compassion for Humans comes up short." Froomkin makes several outstanding points and provides snippets of commentary from the Editor of the Pardon Power blog, George Lardner, former Office of the Pardon Attorney staff member Sam Morison and conservative columnist Debra Saunders.
In Blawg Review #291, a Thanksgiving edition of Blawg Review, Dave Gulbransen notes the law bloggers he is especially thankful for this year, encouraging readers to add links in the comments to others they're thankful for, as well, making this a truly collaborative Blawg Review.

Looking ahead, we may have been given a break here at Blawg Review, inadvertently.

Speaking not only for myself but for all who follow Blawg Review, we'd like to thank everyone who hosted the previous 291 presentations; hardly a turkey among them, if you'll pardon the pun.