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Weekly Law School Roundup

We've been following the Weekly Law School Roundup for many years, since it was started by attorney Evan Schaeffer, one of the bloggers who's been with Blawg Review from the very beginning. Evan hosted Blawg Review #1.

If, like Evan Schaeffer and me, you're a fan of the Weekly Law School Roundup, you might like Blawg Review, too. It's usually hosted by lawyers but sometimes by law professors and, yes, even students. One such student was Dave Gulbransen, who hosted Blawg Review #182 having just passed the Bar Exam. "Dave!", you might have noticed, was one of the law student bloggers linked by Evan Schaeffer in the very first Blawg Review, and Gulbransen has hosted Blawg Review five times since then -- four as a law student and, most recently, as a lawyer.

If you're one of the regulars here who reads Blawg Review every Monday, you might also enjoy the Weekly Law School Roundup on Sunday, alternating between Evan's blog Beyond the Underground and a student who's been snickering in the back row since 2007. You can find some recent roundups in the "At the Law Schools 2" category on Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground, as well as sixty or so older roundups from 2004-2005 here on his blog.

This week, the editor of Blawg Revieiw is filling in for the scheduled host of the Weekly Law School Roundup, a law student who's in the middle of studying for the Bar Exam.

While the scheduled host of the Weekly Law School Roundup #235 has been falking walking the dog instead of studying in the library, the hard-working editor of Blawg Review has been reading blog posts from the past week by law students, some current or almost current, and some recently-graduated. Here's a few we'd like to share:

Do Not Tell Me How Hard The First Year Is

So Anxious

Coping Mechanisms in Law School

This is Madness!

take a deep breath and Practice. in that Order.

Despite what you may have been told, judges and lawyers aren't all saints and angels

Transferring: would you stay or would you go?

Wednesday Morning Garden

Surviving The Bar Exam, Part XV

Fucking Bad Timing

Please stop telling me I'm going to pass the Bar.

That last post was also selected by Evan Schaeffer for the previous Weekly Law School Roundup #234, but it's a poignant post by a law student facing the fate of a Bar Exam like a death row inmate awaiting a parole hearing, so, hopefully, readers who have been there, done that, might take a few minutes to read and comment with their experience.

One more before the bar

Well, that was fun.