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Scott Greenfield, Not Perfect

Scott Greenfield has hosted Blawg Review on Simple Justice only twice. Scott would tell you that was enough.

His last Blawg Review #223 "Sphincter Rules" was Scott Greenfield at his best. We sprung the idea of him hosting that Blawg Review the day before it was due. He was up for the challenge. Although Scott had struggled with his first Blawg Review #170 and ultimately hated doing it, his second Blawg Review was spontaneous and he had fun with it. Without a week to fret about pulling off a potential Blawg Review of the Year, Scott was free to express himself as he does every day on Simple Justice--off-the-cuff, in-your-face, and on-the-money.

We sometimes disagree, but he's never disagreeable. Scott Greenfield is not perfect; his blog isn't meant to be. It's one of the best, that's all. Simple Justice is a great law blog because Scott Greenfield is a natural blogger. He is generous with link-love and that makes him a great host of Blawg Review. He gets it. It's not all about him.

Scott Greenfield plays the curmudgeon in the blawgosphere but, in real life, he's a nice guy. He will deny it, but it's true. We've met in person a couple of times, when our paths have crossed at a legal conference or two. We've shared the rubber chicken on the road. It's been real.

Now, if he'd just invite me out to a fancy dinner in New York City sometime, I'd probably say Scott Greenfield is the perfect host--or anything else he wants me to say.