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22 Tweets on Blawg Review

Lance Godard, who's been "helping lawyers tell their stories, one tweet at a time" for over a year now at 22 Tweets and @22twts on Twitter, has an especially engaging Blawg Review #257 on his blog "Are you writing this down?"

Cube Grenade courtesy of Hugh MacLeod at

ALM Events, Blawger Meetups

Thanks to ALM Events for inviting the editor of Blawg Review to attend the IP Counsel Forum in San Jose, today.

Tomorrow, after this conference, we will be in San Francisco for an informal meetup of Bay Area Blawgers and anyone who wants to join us to meet some law bloggers in person. If you're planning to join us Wednesday evening at The Owl Tree in San Francisco, we'll be there at 7:30 pm and hangin' out late. Law bloggers are night-owls, you know.

As expected, a good time was had by all who, who, who attended:

Ed from Blawg Review
Colin Samuels of Infamy or Praise
Cathy Gellis of Statements of Interest
Aurelia Schultz of Afro-IP
Mike Cernovich of Crime and Federalism
Kevin Underhill of Lowering the Bar
Mr. Thorne who blogs about What's Up

You won't want to miss the next Bay Area Blawger Meetup.

Dune on Blawg Review

Dune on Facebook and Twitter, and now, Blawg Review #256. What's next, another movie?

Beware the Ides of March

On the first anniversary of the worst month for law-firm layoffs in history, Law Shucks, the blog about “Life in, and after, BigLaw” takes up Blawg Review #255.
Editor's Note: Above the Law regularly features posts by Law Shucks, which has done excellent work translating all of the layoff news into user-friendly charts and graphs: the dreaded Layoff Tracker. But there's a lot more to life in and after BigLaw than layoffs, so check out Law Shucks daily for the latest goings on in law firms.

And click here to see the job they do on Blawg Review #255.

International Women's Day

Nicole Black hosts Blawg Review #254 in celebration of International Women's Day, National Women's History Month and the 30th anniversary of the National Women's History Project.

Hopefully, many of our followers will link to this Blawg Review #254 on their blogs and in their tweets on International Women's Day using the hastag #iwd on Twitter.

Kicking Ass

Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice is kicking mediocrity's ass.

Spring Break Blawg Review

Some people, like the guys in the YouTube video above, take Spring Break seriously. Others, like the hosts of Blawg Review #253, these South Florida Lawyers, not so much. They're anonymous bloggers, and for good reason. It's Florida, after all, and this is Spring Break. Well, it's always Spring Break in South Florida!