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Blawg Review Fighting Back

Barristerman! (2009)
Oil on Canvas

Blawg Review #243 at the Silverman Sherliker blog, from London, England, where the winter solstice first saw the light of day. Followers on Twitter may recall these lunatics tried to change the equinox at some meetup or tweetup or pissup or something a few weeks ago in London. We're not sure if that's where all the snow came from.

This week's Blawg Review has a theme: Fighting Back! That's why we've chosen Barristerman! by Charon to illustrate our post here, today. We understand this legal superhero may have been inspired by the real life escapades of one infamous barrister, Geeklawyer.

In the spirit of the day's theme and the weather, this bit of advice gleaned from Scott Greenfield's Simple Justice blog: "Don't bring a gun to a snowball fight!"