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How To Holst Blawg Review

Blawg Review #205 by George M. Wallace boldly goes where no host has gone before.

Ed's Birthday Celebration

Waking up to barenaked ladies on your birthday. What could be better?

Sacred Cows

Blawg Review #204 is hosted by Elie Mystal, the editor of Above the Law. Not unexpectedly, ATL makes hamburger of the sacred cows of the legal profession. Well done.

High Praise, Indeed

Jordan Furlong, "lawyer, editor, blogger, and occasional Jeremiah for the legal profession," has high praise for next week's Blawg Review host at Above the Law.

Jordon adds, in conversation on Twitter with @leecomms "Not all the way there, by any means -- but they're on to something, and they've found their editorial voice."

Lee Feldman says @jordan_law21 "Yes, they certainly caught the wave on BigLaw associate discontent..David's put together a good team."

Jordon responds @leecomms "True, though the fact that most commenters hate the editor bodes well. :)"

Blawg Review #204, which promises to "make hamburger of the legal profession's sacred cows", is being put together by Elie Mystal, who has assumed the mantle of infamous editor at ATL from David Lat, who hosted Blawg Review #119.

Jordan Furlong, the Canadian Bar Association's Editor-in-Chief/Rédacteur en chef, will cook up his own version of Blawg Review on April 13th.

Followers, do you see how we're improving the quality of journalism on Blawg Review?

Geeklawyer, Above the Law?

Before Geeklawyer, the Prince of Darkness, returns to his coffin in the cellar, with or without a stake through the heart from those who may have been outraged by Blawg Review 203, Charon QC interviewed him about Blawg Review 204 which is about to be hosted by the well known Above The Law tabloid in The States, as Blawg Review returns to a degree of relative sanity. Charon says ‘Relative’ because, as he points out, Above The Law is well known for the dark side, humour and going off piste but, apparently without images of Victorians rogering wenches.

"Good evening, Geeklawyer. Pleased with yourself?"

Humour or Humor?

Blawg Review #203 is up at GeekLawyer's blog, celebrating the feast of Bacchanalia. Not everyone's cup of tea, apparently.

Lawyers halfway around the world are asking, "Is this supposed to be humor?" From early reviews of Blawg Review #203 in America, where it is still the Lord's Day, it's probably fair to say, if u is in it, it ain't humor.

Don't say you weren't warned.

For those who didn't find this week's presentation funny, next week's Blawg Review #204 is by the well-regarded organ of American legal blog journalism, Above the Law. Hopefully, u will not be included in its brand of humor.

The Queen's a Dress, OMFG

"Two British law bloggers are about to host Blawg Review two weeks in succession. The first is Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal blog (March 9th) … the second is Geeklawyer (March 16th). Her Majesty speaks to the bloggers of the United States, Canada and the World about this."

Watch the Queen's address to bloggers on Charon QC's blawg, or click on the embedded movie below.

These UK blawgers really know how to blog, don't they? Many thanks to Charon, QC for sending this bit of information to us, along with the daily law news and podcast on Insite Law, which kindly includes reference to this week's Blawg Review #201 at Blawgletter from the Lone Star State of Texas.

Texas Two Step

Barry Barnett hosts Blawg Review #201, commemorating the 173rd anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independence. This is the second time Barry has hosted Blawg Review and, so, we're introducing this week's presentation with a little somethin' called Texas Two Step.

Blawg Review of the Year 2008

As followers of Blawg Review know, this project has an annual award that recognizes the best Blawg Review of the Year. The competition is open to all law blogs that have hosted Blawg Review in the previous year. It's fiercely contested, and the same blogger wins every year. Congratulations to Colin Samuels, for getting the most nominations for Blawg Review #189, based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". With this Blawg Review of the Year 2008, Colin Samuels has earned the award for an unprecedented fourth year in a row. Outstanding!

Ron Coleman's Blawg Review #191, a Chanukah special at Likelihood of Confusion, is this year's runner-up. In third place in the voting, there was a tie between Rush Nigut's Blawg Review #147 based on the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, and David Gulbransen's Blawg Review #182, a special bar exam edition. Twenty-four issues of Blawg Review received nominations this year, which shows the quality and variety of presentations is appreciated.