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Grate, It's Valentine's Day

It's not easy getting a girl when you're anonymous.

Still, ed@blawgreview was hopeful, finding this email today, that someone wants to be my Valentine.
from Khadi James
date Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 8:37 AM
subject Hello !!


Grate day to you, how goes the life with you? with hope that you are doing very well,Please excuse me to introduce my self, my name is miss Khadi James,from Liberian, i am 25 years never been into marriage or any relationship close to that,

I would wish to get into close relationship with, not minding the ethnicity or age but all i need is someone that need to love and be loved, please if you are a game player you better stay off, i will like to know what you like most in a woman and what you dislike, i will like you to write me as soon as you got this mail and it pleases you to get close to me. i will be very happy to read from you. here is my contact address,

I'm waiting to read from you with grate inpatient.
A kiss from,
Sorry Khadi, a.k.a. David Lobato, I play for the other team.