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Thanksgiving Turkey Wits

Eric Turkewitz invites the legal blogosphere over for Thanksgiving dinner, and Blawg Review #188.

To Be Thankful For

Eric Turkewitz is hosting the next Blawg Review, #188, for those of us who are counting. Followers of Blawg Review will remember last year's close race for Blawg Review of the Year 2007, when Turkewitz's New York Personal Injury Law Blog marathon Blawg Review #134 ran a very close second to Blawg Review #137, based on the final chapter in Dante's trilogy, earning Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise the coveted award for the third year running.

Blawg Review is finishing 2008 with an all star lineup:

Eric Turkewitz has something special planned, but he's not offering any hints that might give an advantage to his archrival, Colin Samuels, who's hosting Blawg Review #189 the very next week.

Marc Randazza and his cadre of freedom-loving Satyriconistas are hosting Blawg Review #190 on December 15, which is Bill of Rights Day in the USA.

Ron Coleman, who hosted Blawg Review #2 in his inimitable, dare we say, trademarked (sic) style, returns to host Blawg Review #191 on December 22nd. We await this second coming with great anticipation.

December 29th, your humble editor will host a special year in review presentation of Blawg Review #192 right here, announcing our annual quest for the best, the Blawg Review of the Year 2008.

Looking forward to the beginning of 2009, our fourth year of law blog carnivals, CharonQC will host Blawg Review #193 on Twelfth Night.

Thanks to all our wonderful hosts, who put together such interesting presentations of the best of the legal blogosphere each and every week, without fail.
And thanks to our tireless Blawg Review Sherpas, Colin Samuels, Victoria Pynchon, and Diane Levin, who worked behind the scenes in 2008 helping our hosts with recommendations of the some of the best posts from law blogs every week.

Last but not least, thanks to you, dear readers, who give Blawg Review your attention and the link love that keeps this project going week after week, year after year, and makes it all worthwhile.

Legal Beagle

In Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Charles Darwin's Birth and today's Anniversary of The Origin of Species, we recommend Joshua Fruchter's Blawg Review #187 and, for those who are looking for a mini-sabbatical in the middle of this economic downturn, Stanford Alumni's Voyage of the Beagle by Private Jet, A Unique Adventure Inspired by Charles Darwin's Legendary Around-the-World Expedition -- from $59,950. Priceless.

Lawyers not on Twitter?

Blawg Review #186 at the Res Ipsa Blog is following the Twitter War that just broke out in the blawgosphere.

David Giacalone a lawyer who writes in haiku verse, not tweets, takes a full post on his weblog f/k/a to knock Twitter and lawyers who tweet, knowing full well some might call him a twit, or worse.

Kevin O'Keefe at LexBlog, an enthusiastic twitterer and rabid blogger who knows an invitation to a blog fight when he sees one, takes the link bait, and weighs in rather heavily against Giacalone.

Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice tags Giacalone, and hits O'Keefe 'til his statcounter begs for mercy.

Don't think we've heard the end of this.
Lawyers have been arguing for years about whether other lawyers are unprofessional if they call their weblogs "blawgs" so it's not surprising that they're now debating whether it's good for lawyers to "tweet" on Twitter. Remember, they're lawyers.

Yes, they're bloggers, too. And that's how we know them. All good friends of Blawg Review; David Giacalone hosted #52, Kevin O'Keefe hosted #125, and Scott Greenfield hosted #170. Twitter helps us get to know them better, and more like them, so it's all good.

Barack Obama, a lawyer who blogs and tweets knowing it enables him to reach like-minded people who'd like to know him better, and who can help him succeed, is "following" Blawg Review on Twitter. We're audaciously hoping, if he's not too busy January 19, 2009, he'll host Blawg Review on MLK Day.

Who will host MLK Day?

If you'd like to host an upcoming issue of Blawg Review, whether or not you have a special day in mind, please see the available dates in the sidebar on our home page and check out our hosting guidelines and send us an email to let us know about your blog and your interest in this carnival of law blogs. Then follow us on Twitter @blawgreview, where we'll be announcing upcoming hosts of Blawg Review.

There have been special presentations of Blawg Review on Martin Luther King Day in previous years; see #91 and #143. MLK Day on January 19, 2009 should be really special. Yolanda Young is scheduled to host MLK Day on her new law blog, On Being A Black Lawyer, on the eve of the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.

Awkward Blogger Meetups

British law bloggers have been all atwitter since news leaked that the anonymous editor of Blawg Review might make his way to England for a first chance to get together with Ruthie, Geeklawyer, CharonQC, Justin Patten, Tim Kevan, and Daithí Mac Síthigh.

Mistress Ruthie kindly offered lodgings at her country estate on the outskirts of Prickwillow, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere, with road and rail connections to London, Norwich, and as far away as Manchester, where Ed had hoped to reconnect with his gene pool. But, alas, it was not to be.

Attractive as the weather is in England this time of year, the trip overseas proved too much for the busy editor to pull together on such short notice. Perhaps it's just as well.

These face-to-face meetups can be awkward.

Lest We Forget The Vets

Many in our legal community are veterans, and we take this day to honor all who served, as we have in previous years.

Blawg Review #59 was a special presentation for Memorial Day, and we find the thoughts linked there to be equally appropriate to reflect upon this Veterans Day, November 11th, also Remembrance Day in many countries of the British Commonwealth that share the legal traditions of the common law.

In the style of Blawg Review, we'll update this post, today and throughout this weekend, with links to current posts from law blogs that are especially appropriate for this day of honor and remembrance of all who served. If you've written a post on your blawg reflecting on Veterans Day or Remembrance Day, or if you see something on another's law blog worth noting here, please send an email with the link, and we'll add those thoughts and links to this presentation.

Veterans Day 2008
resources at LexLibris, the University of Minnesota Law Library Blawg.

Twenty Percent of the US Population Deserves Our Thanks This Veterans Day, says Joe Hodnicki at the Law Librarian Blog

Veteran's Day - Should It Be a National Holiday? - Hartford lawyer Daniel Schwartz of Pullman & Comley in his Connecticut Employment Law Blog

Law Enacted to Protect Military Parents - New York attorney Daniel Clement in his blog, the New York Divorce Report

Veteran's Day Rob Teuber at The Tax Law Forum

World marks 90th anniversary of Great War. The Agonist

I wear a WHITE poppy, says OmarHaRedeye on Twitter

Veteran's Day Need Never End
- Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise

Global IP Blawg Review

Aussie Duncan Bucknell is hosting Blawg Review #185. Obviously, we're in very capable hands.

Change Happens

Alright, here we go. Change has come to America.

Fresh Hope

Text Your Vote

Click on the photo for dance music. Photoshop via: Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check and evangelist for

Blawg Review #184, the election-eve carnival of law blogs, is hosted by Professor Dan Filler and the law profs at The Faculty Lounge.

Video Your Vote

How To Video Your Vote: A Legal Primer

Write In Candidates

Now there's a candidate Bill Clinton could really get behind.

If you've written something interesting on your law blog about the upcoming Presidential Election, you might want to send the link to Professor Dan Filler and the law profs at The Faculty Lounge, who are hosting a special election-eve Blawg Review #184.

Here are the Submission Guidelines.