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Monica Bay Campaigns

Monica Bay is campaigning for gender equality in the legal workplace and for equal pay for work of equal value. On her blog and in an email to her extensive list of contacts in the legal community, Mon rails against the injustice.
The August census bureau reports that women trial support (paralegals, lit support) are making about 7% less than their male peers. And that's in an area of our world that is DOMINATED by women.

But surprisingly, that's NOT the worst news. Ironically, the trial support folk are in just about the best shape -- the report shows that women in the legal industry, across the board, earn FIFTY ONE PERCENT of what their male colleagues earn in identical jobs.

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. I am calling upon every Law Firm mgg partner, every GC, and every vendor CEO to immediately evaluate their own figures, and fix this NOW.
Monica Bay is editor-in-chief of Law Technology News and author of the popular legal blog, The Common Scold. A frequent speaker and industry analyst, she has been quoted in newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times and Southwest Spirit. She has won journalism awards from the Associated Press, American Business Media (finalist), the Association of Business Publications Editors, the Trade Association Business Publications International, the American Bar Association, Technolawyer and Sigma Delta Chi. A member of the California Bar and a rabid Yankees fan, she lives in New York City and Lakeville, Conn.

She's got my support. How 'bout you?