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5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers

Blog Day has inspired us to start another great meme for law bloggers.

The idea is to post links to five great blogs (other than law blogs) on your blawg and tag five of your favorite blawgers to do the same under the post title "5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers".

I'm recommending the following 5 blogs:
Zen Habits
Trust Matters
Language Log
Uncornered Market
I'm tagging the following 5 blawgers to propagate this meme:
Colin Samuels
Charon QC
David Lat
Kevin O'Keefe
Diane Levin
As each of those blawgers responds in kind, I'll link their posts below.

Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise was the first to continue this meme with an excellent post of 5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers. Colin's post has already prompted Anne Reed to return to blogging at Deliberations with five good blogs to start September. And Jordan Furlong at Law21 has followed up with his own excellent list of 5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers. Jordan tagged Simon Fodden, who tagged Tom Mighell, inter alia. Jordan also tagged Susan Cartier Liebel, who played along. Susan Cartier Liebel tagged Nicole Black, as did Adrian Lurssen. Among others, Niki tagged Ann Bartow, who -- well ---tagged everyone else. Bartow's tag prompted Frank Pasquale to link to his five favorite non-legal blogs. Craig Williams picked up his podcast partner Bob Ambrogi's tag and went overboard, tagging "six", including the Editor of Blawg Review, which brings us full circle.

Diane Levin at Mediation Channel has posted five excellent blog links and has tagged five more blawgers she thinks will have more good blogs to share with fellow law bloggers. Bob Ambrogi, whom she tagged with this meme, didn't disappoint with his 5 blogs and 5 blawgers. Among others, Bob tagged David Harlow, who tagged five blawgers, including Eric Turkewitz. Turk tagged Beck/Hermann, who tagged Paul Karlsgodt. Diane Levin, Susan Cartier Liebel and Jordan Furlong all tagged Victoria Pynchon. One health care law blogger, David Harlow, tagged another, Bob Coffield.

Across the pond, Charon QC charted a course for the British with his choices of 5 blogs and 5 blawgers to participate in what he says is an interesting meme -- but that might be the Rioja talking. Charon QC tagged Carl Gardner and Simon Myerson. "I don't usually do memes," responds White Rabbit, "but an invitation from Charon QC has to be complied with."