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Blog Day

Peter Black, who hosted Blawg Review #85 and #136 at Freedom to Differ (and who's hosting again in a couple of weeks), reminds us what Blog Day is all about. By the way, every Monday is blawg day here at Blawg Review.

Lean, Clean, No Theme

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D. Todd Smith hosts this week's Blawg Review #174 at his Texas Appellate Law Blog. Smith's review is a throwback of sorts to the early days of Blawg Review when hosts simply collected the best legal blogging of the previous week without packaging it (or, as in the cases of my own Blawg Reviews, overpackaging it) in a themed presentation. Highlights include thinking randomly about randomness, worrying about internet law, and forcing the transgendered to sit out the war on terror.

Jamie Spencer will host Blawg Review #175 at his Austin DWI Lawyer blog next Monday.

Promising Rookie Signed

Omar Ha-Redeye, founder of the Law Is Cool blog, has been signed by, whose starting lineup includes heavy-hitters Simon Chester and Connie Crosby.

Rumours in the Toronto dugout lead us to suspect that the idea of signing this promising "free agent" followed talks with Slaw management after this memorable ballgame.

Photo Credit: David Cooper, USA TODAY

Citius, Altius, Fortius

As many who are following the 2008 Beijing Olympics know, these three Latin words meaning "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" are the motto of the Olympics. The motto was proposed by Pierre de Coubertin on the creation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894. According to Wikipedia, a more informal but well known motto, also introduced by De Coubertin, is "The most important thing is not to win but to take part!"

So, it's fitting that Blawg Review #172 rewards participation as well as excellence in law blogs with a theme that marks the outstanding competitions of the Olympic Games.

Blawg Review #173 follows with another Olympic theme based on the elements of a world-record swim.

Photo Credit: David Gray/Reuters
Michael Phelps and Garrett Weber-Gale (R) of the U.S. celebrate after winning the men's 4x100m freestyle relay swimming final at the National Aquatics Center during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Blawg Review in the News

Blog links to this week's presentation of Blawg Review #171 got picked up on Google News.

Blawg Review: IP Virgin Edition
Patent Baristas, OH - 12 hours ago
Pynchon states that if intellectual property had a theme song it would have to be “Like a Virgin.” Why? Because IP is all about “the very first time,” the ...

Amateur Economists’ Maiden Voyage into Blawg Review
Amateur Economists, HI - 15 hours ago
So, “virgins” is a very fitting theme, indeed. Remember to check out this week’s Blawg Review. You can also visit past issues at its website.

Not just Google, mind you, but Google News!

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Link Whore!

Blawg Review #171 with a "virgin" theme is the best presentation ever by a link whore. A lot of work went into Blawg Review #171 on the IP ADR Blog, so please link to it, especially if you're mentioned in this week's issue of Blawg Review.