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Would you like to know

a secret, just between you and me?
mesh is happening because five people with an enthusiasm for the Web and all the next-generation things happening around us decided an event like this one had to take place in Toronto. Events connecting Web ideas and leaders of the future are going on everyday around the world - Geneva has LIFT, Paris has Les Blogs, New York has BlogOn – and now Toronto has mesh so we can be part of the Web 2.0 conversation. Let’s connect, share and inspire… let’s mesh.
All this week, I'll be hangin' out in Yorkville. If we don't see each other sooner, we should at least grab a coffee at L’espresso bar Mercurio at Bloor and St. George, from 5 to 7 p.m. on the last day of mesh - Thursday, May 22. See you there!!

Don't know where I'm goin' next; where I'm gonna be.

Editor's Note: Careful readers will notice that the nineteen-year-old hippie "Bill" in the CBC archive video hidden in the links above is non other than William Gibson. Will he be attending mesh? Is he the anonymous editor of Blawg Review? Click on the links!