Blawg Review

It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest


Professor Mirko Bagaric at Moral Dilemma has a moral dilemma; his duty to client takes precedence over his commitment to host Blawg Review. So, with regrets, he sends his apologies for not being able to host on National Sorry Day in Australia. We realy were looking forward to "an exploration of the moral issues of our time" in the next Blawg Review. As Marty Schwimmer said in his thought-provoking Blawg Review #60, "We can handle the truth."

But do not despair, law blog followers. Stephen Albainy-Jenei has something brewing for us at Patent Baristas this Memorial Day. Stephen gave up his turn to host Blawg Review a few weeks ago, so that Ben Duranske could host Blawg Review #156 at Virtually Blind that week to coincide with the launch of his new book on Virtual Law. We had promised Stephen the first chance to host, if anyone had a scheduling conflict (which lawyers occasionally do) and he was pleased to get this opportunity to treat us to another of his patented presentations. Regular readers will remember Patent Baristas for the excellent Blawg Review #19 and Blawg Review #77.