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Trust & Antitrust Review

The March 2008 Carnival of Trust is hosted today by Aussie patent lawyer and intellectual property strategist Duncan Bucknell. Pointing us to some of the most interesting blog posts touching on issues of trust, this Carnival of Trust opens with a selection from our friend Brett Trout.
Does your lawyer trust you? Do you care? Should you? Check out Brett Trout's controversial post at BlawgIT on this topic and see why he takes issue with 'untrustworthy' clients. Brett also hosted last week's Blawg Review, and as it happens, Charlie Green will host next week's Blawg Review on his blog, Trust Matters.
Yes, that's right, next week's Blawg Review #150 will be hosted by non other than Charlie Green, who many of you already know co-authored The Trusted Advisor with David Maister. You may recall that Maister also hosted a Blawg Review or two and, like me, hosted his own presentation of the Carnival of Trust.

Did we mention that Duncan Bucknell will host Blawg Review on November 10th at IP ThinkTank?

Oh, before we forget, this week's Blawg Review #149 is hosted at Antitrust Review by David Fischer, who's back for more having had so much fun hosting Blawg Review #67 last year. If you only have time for one blog carnival this week, be sure to check this one out!