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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest


It's a disaster and we can't help rubbernecking!

One of the founders of the Carnival of the Capitalists, a.k.a. CotC, is doing everything possible to wreck it.
Er… Um… Right, Need to Do CotC

I’m so thrilled, too. Nobody really seems to be interested in it anymore. I’ve been preoccupied. There were all of 14 submissions, most of which didn’t make me say “great post!” but some of which will do. I probably have a few more I’ve bookmarked. Shouldn’t take long, once I’ve done errands ahead of the snow and muck.

Seriously, though. Traffic is still sinking. Entries plummeted this week. Nobody apparently wants to host, apart from me and, after the dust clears from the baby’s arrival, Rob. I’d blame it all on the change to a static location, but hosts were getting scarce before, traffic was absurd, and entries had fallen and disproportionately not so great.

I might be willing to have people host on their own blogs, combined with the new screening of entries, if there’s vehemence about the new “not a carnival but a weekly feature of this blog” arrangement, and if more good hosts would come forward. However, I think people aren’t volunteering to host because they aren’t reading CotC and aren’t seeing the requests, and aren’t interested in seeing the requests. If it were hosted elsewhere some weeks, it would probably only be some weeks, and it’d be here, done by me, the rest of the time.

Oh well. The next few weeks are likely to be especially tough, and after a while it’ll settle out one way or another, if I don’t suspend it before then.
Unable to figure out the cause of the demise of the oldest blog carnival, the founders of the CotC have blamed everyone and everything imaginable -- except themselves. Nobody wants to host a blog carnival, they say. Blog carnivals are dead, anyway. We had a great idea, but everyone fucked it up for us.

Having hosted the Carnival of the Capitalists three times here on the Blawg Review weblog, and elsewhere myself, it's probably fair for me to say, "You don't deserve to be in charge of the Carnival of the Capitalists anymore. In business, you'd have been fired for mismanagement. At least one of you knows when to quit." Dammit, somebody had to say it.

Blawg Review has a few hosting dates available in 2008. If anyone, like Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends, or David Maister at Passion, People and Principles, is interested in hosting a business blog carnival for lawyers on any of the 8 dates still available to host Blawg Review in 2008, listed in the sidebar on our blog carnival home page here, please volunteer. We're still havin' fun.