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Out And About

It's been an interesting week for the Editor of Blawg Review, who, like many bloggers, doesn't get away from the computer and out into the real world as often as he should.

Invited by ALM's Jill Windwer, David Snow, and John Bringardner, to attend the blogger meetup at LegalTech this week, I didn't hesitate to fly to New York City to get together with several law bloggers who know me only through Blawg Review.

Among the law bloggers I got to spend some quality time with at the conference were the hosts of Blawg Review #18 Monica Bay, #21 Carolyn Elefant, #108 Arnie Herz, and #134 Eric Turkewitz, who blogged about seeing me in person and posted a photo to prove it.

At LegalTech I was also sighted by Bob Ambrogi, who's been holding out since 2006 for the opportunity to host the first "podcast" presentation of Blawg Review with his Lawyer2Lawyer co-host Craig Williams, whom I've met in person on a couple of occasions at his office in Newport Beach where he had hosted #28.

While visiting in California last year, I took advantage of opportunities to meet up with others who have hosted Blawg Review. Denise Howell, who gave us back-to-back Howell-o-ween presentations #30 and #81, introduced me to her son Tyler and walked us around Balboa Island. On two separate occasions, in different cities, I met with Dan Hull, who's hosting this week's Blawg Review #146. Colin Samuels, who hosted three award-winning presentations of Blawg Review #35, #86, and #137 has met me a couple of times at the Bay Area Law Bloggers Meetups, where I also caught up with LexBlog's Kevin O'Keefe, who had hosted #125 from Seattle just the day before we got together over beers in San Francisco.

Heading out of New York City this week, I took the Amtrak train to Schenectady, of all places, where I stayed overnight to spend the better part of the next day with the host of Blawg Review #52, the haiku blogger dagosan f/k/a David Giacalone, who wrote today in his inimitable style about the time we spent together in the Stockade.

David will probably never know how much I was touched by this thoughtful postcard that memorializes the special time we spent offline.