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Minor Wisdom, Major Writing

What makes great blogwriting?
A well written blog is a beautiful thing to read. When I hit upon a blog with great writing, I can spend hours digging into the archives, learning, laughing, getting to know a writer.

Because a great blogwriter, in the end, is someone you want to be friends with. It’s someone interesting, someone who can tell a story and hold a great conversation and be fantastic company.
On the award-winning law blog What About Clients? Dan Hull reviews Raymond Ward's Minor Wisdom. It's been quite a while since we've featured a law blog here on Blawg Review, and this review is too good not to quote in full:
And he'd just say shucks. It's Sunday: the only day I spend any time alone, am quiet for long stretches, and won't yell at anyone. In my head and heart, where things can grow, I've bumped Ray Ward's Minor Wisdom from the #11 spot to #1 on my best blogs/blawgs/sites/all on-line and electronic magazines. This is All Categories, All Professions, All Nations, All Tribes, All Humans, All Life, All-Cosmos. I've seen the light, having waited for a vision to deliver me. Minor Wisdom has beyond lawyerness: spiritual, literary, musical, political, brave, human, personal and get-off-your-ass. And he's one of the few Jesuit-educated humans who makes it all sounds like damn fun. His blog is so much better than every lawyer blog I've seen--including this one--that it makes me want to write full time, even if I starve ("purity of the heart is to will one thing"...). Well, strike the starving part. Anyway, let's pull Ray and MW from that soul-less category: lawyers. He's that and more. He reminds us that Jesus is headed for The Big Easy--and that's enough to make a blind man see.
Readers of Blawg Review enjoyed Ray Ward's great writing style when he hosted Blawg Review #90, a wonderfully-themed presentation from New Orleans on the feast day of Our Lady of Prompt Succor.