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Letter to a New Lawyer

Blawg Review #142 by Susan Cartier Liebel at Build A Solo Practice is an excellent example of the letter and the spirit of Blawg Review.

Notice how she follows these hosting guidelines to the letter:
Unlike most other blog carnivals, which rely only on submissions, Blawg Review collects the best of the law blogs each week from various sources, including the recommendations of readers of law blogs.

A peer-reviewed blog carnival, the host of each Blawg Review decides which of the submissions and recommended posts are suitable for inclusion in the presentation. The host is encouraged to source another dozen or so interesting posts to fit with any special theme of that issue of Blawg Review.

The host's personal selections usually include several that reflect the character and subject interests of the host blawg, recognizing that the regular readership of the blog should find some of the usual content, and new readers of the blog via Blawg Review ought to get some sense of the unique perspective and subject specialties of the host.
Susan Cartier Liebel is a nationally recognized coach and consultant, who teaches lawyers how to create and grow their legal practice. To give us a unique perspective on her blog's subject specialty, Susan has drafted her Blawg Review in the form of a letter to a new lawyer.
(This Blawg Review is designed as a Letter to New Lawyer. I've incorporated the interesting names of many legal blogs as part of the narrative but you will have no clue what the topic of each blog post is until you click on the link. Hopefully you will have fun discovering each blog post. I've included some of the well-known and prolific usual suspects and am introducing you to some new and exciting blogs I've recently discovered. There may even be other Letters to a New Lawyer you will uncover. So, enjoy!)
Well done, Susan. No doubt, we'll see Blawg Review #142 nominated for next year's Blawg Review of the Year Award.

Which reminds me, today is the very last day for previous hosts (and those who are scheduled to host an upcoming issue of Blawg Review) to post nominations for Blawg Review of the Year 2007, which will be announced here on January 15, 2008. Don't miss this opportunity to recognize our hosts for their extraordinary presentations. Without your weekly participation and thoughtful support we might just be trying to figure out where to go next with this blog carnival.