Blawg Review

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Blawg Review Themes

Blawg Review #143 is a special presentation on Public Defender Stuff for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It's always interesting when our hosts are inspired to do something special for Blawg Review.

If anyone's interested in hosting a special issue this year, there are still opportunities for specific themes on the following dates that are now available to be booked in advance to host Blawg Review:
  • September 8th is  International Literacy Day

  • September 15th is  International Day of Democracy

  • October 6th is  German-American Day

  • November 3rd is  Japan Culture Day

  • November 10th is  USMC Birthday

  • November 17th is  International Students Day

  • December 1st is  World AIDS Day

  • December 15th is  Bill of Rights Day
  • Check out the roster of future hosts in the sidebar on our home page for other available dates to host Blawg Review, and send the editor an email if you'd like to book a date to host, yourself.

    Maybe you'd like to pick your own special theme for Blawg Review as did Colin Samuels, Eric Turkewitz and Anne Reed, the top three nominated for Blawg Review of the Year.

    Whether your presentation might be inspired by a special day or your own interests, we'd like you to consider hosting Blawg Review.