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Blawg Review of the Year

Following the Inferno-themed Blawg Review #35, named Blawg Review of the Year 2005, and Purgatorio-themed Blawg Review #86 that was Blawg Review of the Year 2006, The Divine Comedy's third cantica, Paradiso, provided the theme for Blawg Review #137, which received the most peer-reviewed nominations and is hereby recognized as the Blawg Review of the Year 2007. Congratulations, Colin Samuels.

Eric Turkewitz ran a very close second with #134, based on the New York City Marathon. And, if one had to select a third from the pool of nominees, #127 by jury consultant Anne Reed is an alternate that many would pick for Blawg Review of the Year.

As they say, it's an honor to be nominated, especially by one's peers, so congratulations to all. And thanks to everyone who contributes to Blawg Review and shares this extraordinary blog carnival with their readers each week.

Artwork credit:
Paul Laffoley
The Divine Comedy - 1972-75
Oil, and Acrylic on Canvas
Triptych Overall Dimensions:
73 1/2 x 220 1/2 in. (roughly 6 x 18 feet!!)