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Ed's Blawg Review Nominations

It's that time of year when law bloggers wonder which issue of Blawg Review will receive the honor of being named Blawg Review of the Year. And, this year, who gets this recognition will be determined not by the editor but by the nominations posted by previous hosts of Blawg Review and those listed on the roster of Future Hosts for the upcoming year.

Having hosted seven issues Blawg Review myself, including #89, #100, #107 and #120 in 2007, my nominations here will count no more but no less than those of anyone else who is qualified to have their nominations for Blawg Review of the Year counted.

Every issue of Blawg Review is special to me, each in its own way, so the nominations below are not so much my favorites but are those I'd like to get special consideration for outstanding presentations that, upon further review, stand the test of time.

Blawg Review #91 by Greg Worthen
Blawg Review #93 by Kevin Thompson
Blawg Review #94 by Diane Levin
Blawg Review #102 by George Wallace
Blawg Review #110 by Norman Fernandez
Blawg Review #124 by George Lenard
Blawg Review #126 by Anita Campbell
Blawg Review #127 by Anne Reed
Blawg Review #134 by Eric Turkewitz
Blawg Review #137 by Colin Samuels

If you've hosted Blawg Review, or are scheduled to host an upcoming issue, please share with your readers the best of Blawg Review 2007 by posting nominations for Blawg Review of the Year 2007.