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What About British Blawgs?

Those who follow Dan Hull's blawg, What About Clients?, know that he's got a thing for British lawyers -- the solicitor and the barrister. So, it's extremely rare that anyone on this side of the pond gets the jump on Dan when it comes to news about British law blogs. But when he's scooped, he graciously acknowledges the fact and credits his source, like the gentleman and professional he is:
Our thanks to Kevin O'Keefe at Real Lawyers Have Blogs for noticing this before anyone else: Nick Holmes at his well-regarded Binary Law has posted "UK Blawgs -- Where Are We Now?". As part of his report, Nick mentions that he has identified over 125 UK blogs at his London-based Infolaw, an on-line legal information service which he started in 1995, and for which he serves as Managing Editor. Note that most of these UK blogs did not exist two years ago. UK blawgs have increased at a rate of about one new site each week.
Now, I know there are some blokes in England who will assume just because I'm practically cross-posting this verbatim from Dan's blog, that it's evidence that he's the anonymous editor of Blawg Review. We can forgive the Brits for arriving a bit late to this blog party, but for those who think they have it all figgered out -- yes, I'm talking to you, GeekLawyer -- RTFM.