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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

It's a Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day. Daithí Mac Síthigh is hosting Blawg Review #128 from the campus of Trinity College, the oldest university in Ireland.

Daithí is a Foundation Scholar of the College, employed as a graduate researcher working toward his PhD at this university, where he earned his law degree in 2004. His research is within the contemporary field of what is known as cyberlaw; in particular, Internet governance, intellectual property, and the control of media and information flows across national and regional borders. His thesis is essentially about the regulation (in various forms) of online media (including broadcasting), with a focus on the EU and Canada.

Daithí writes about these interests and other interesting stuff on his blawg, Lex Ferenda. Lex ferenda (also called de lege ferenda) is a Latin expression that means "what the law ought to be" (as opposed to lex lata, "the law as it exists").

In July, Daithí went to the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, attending the Summer Doctoral Programme in for Internet-interested PhD students put on by the Oxford Internet Institute. And he gave two presentations in September -- one at the Society of Legal Scholars annual conference in Durham (in the cyberlaw stream) and one at the second GikII conference in London. Trinity's school year commences today, October 1, and he kicks it off with Blawg Review #128, the first from the Emerald Isle.

Daithí's supervisor, Dr. Eoin O’Dell, will host Blawg Review on his own blog,, on Bloomsday next year.