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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Small Business Trends Legal

Blawg Review #126 is introduced by former GC Anita Campbell, editor of Small Business Trends, as follows:
"Why is a business site hosting a law blog roundup?

I’ve expressed my opinion before that “businesspeople can be better at business by learning more about the law. And lawyers can benefit from knowing more about business. Armed with knowledge, we are all better off.”
Check out this extraordinary Blawg Review, organized under these topical headings:
Business opportunities and the legal implications – explore the legal pitfalls and benefits of growing your business

Lawyers and the clients who hire them – insights into better relationships between lawyers and business people, including their fee arrangements

Employers and employment legal issues – all too often the relations between employers-employees have legal implications

Technology and management practices — for lawyers and businesspeople who want to manage their law firms and businesses better

Marketing — for lawyers and with lessons for businesspeople, too
Click here to see whose law blogs are featured in this week's issue of Blawg Review, and follow the links to some of the best law blog posts of interest to business blog readers.