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Runaway Jury Review

In what might be the finest example of presenting Blawg Review creatively to reflect the skills of the host in a specialized area of the law, trial lawyer and jury consultant Anne Reed at Deliberations organizes some of the best recent law blogs in Blawg Review #127 under headings -- the "17 Best Tips For Voir Dire" edition. Here's just one:
16. Make a good impression

Jurors don't wake up in the morning full of admiration for lawyers. Barry Barnett of Blawgletter came back from a seminar this week and wrote: "Twenty-first century jurors start out seeing you not as a truth-telling seeker of justice but as a money-making manipulator of the justice system. You must convince them otherwise."

How do you do it?
Check out Blawg Review #127. We couldn't be more impressed with this week's presentation, and the carefully selected bloggers our host, Anne Reed, has empanelled in her Blawg Review. Outstanding!