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Labor Day Special

This holiday weekend special Blawg Review #124, by hard-working employment lawyer George Lenard, is a Labor Day parade of law bloggers celebrating their best work. George's presentation of the best recent law blog articles is yeoman's work for our enjoyment and edification on this special day honoring workers everywhere.
Unless we’re hard-core unionists, we tend not to think much about its original meaning. That’s a shame. Its original purpose of commemorating the role of the ordinary worker in the American economy, as well as U.S. labor history, is a worthy one.

So the theme for this week’s Blawg Review is American labor history. Each history section heading links to background material (often wikipedia.) (The editor has reminded me that Labor Day is celebrated in other countries, including Canada (with the Brit. spelling, Labour Day, of course).
Blawg Review #124 includes a quip by an anonymous member of the group of federal law clerks and appellate lawyers who write Appellate Law & Practice: "If you are not working on law this weekend, you are not a real lawyer and you hate America. Have a happy Labor Day."