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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Always choose the cigar!

"I've been burned out from blogging for a while now, so I'm not sure if I will continue blogging, either. It's been three-and-a-half years, and I feel like I've talked about everything interesting to talk about. So we'll see what happens," said Mike Cernovich recently at Crime & Federalism.

Yes, believe it or not, it was almost three years ago that Cernovich, then blogging under the pseudonym Federalist No. 84, wrote as a guest on Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground a seminal blog post titled: Turning a Blog Into Your Blawg: Fourteen Steps to Finding Your Voice in the Blawgosphere. Evan Schaeffer noted that this post, and an article he was working on with Mike Cernovich, led Evan to ask himself, "Why do I have a weblog—or more specifically, three weblogs?"

Cigar aficionado Mike Cernovich now adds:
"I still enjoy blogging, I just don't enjoy blogging as much about the law as I used to. The law is still interesting, but so are many other subjects. I fell into the "law rut." That's a place where only the law seems interesting. After making a conscious effort to devote more of my free time to thinking about non-legal subjects, I realized how this "one-dimensional intellectual life" doesn't suit me.

"So as I noted yesterday, I'll still blog - just elsewhere, since it doesn't seem right to blog about neither "crime" nor "federalism" at a blog entitled Crime and Federalism. Until I find a suitable spot to blog, I'll keep posting some stuff here. Just note that it won't be what you are used to..."

"I'll be starting a new blog elsewhere. It will be more of a "personal blog/things in my head" type of blog - nothing exciting. It won't have as much to do about law as this one did. Indeed, it will probably have very little to do with law. I could just resume blogging here, but that would seem somewhat deceitful. Until then, best wishes."
Best wishes to you, too, Mike. Many thanks for your help with this community of law bloggers in the early days, and for hosting on Memorial Day, 2005, Blawg Review #8. And, as you consider your next adventure in the blogosphere, remember what Groucho Marx said: "Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always choose the cigar."