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Carnivals for Lawyers

Blawg Review might be the blog carnival for law professors, law students and lawyers. But it's not the only blog carnival we're interested in. Recently, we hosted the 3rd Carnival of Trust, a new blog carnival that will be published on the first Monday of every month.

The fourth Carnival of Trust will be hosted by David Maister here, at his business blog Passion, People and Principles. Maister is the co-author of The Trusted Advisor, a book this editor frequently recommends to lawyers and law students. "This is a brilliant -- and practical -- book. In our 'world gone mad,' trust is, paradoxically, more important than ever," wrote Tom Peters in a dust-jacket review of the book that is now available in paperback, so even a law student can afford a personal copy. This seminal business book about building relationships as trusted advisors was co-written with Charles H. Green, the founder of the Carnival of Trust, who blogs now at Trust Matters. Charlie sets the stage in this call for submissions:
The fourth Carnival of Trust is fast approaching and will go live on Tuesday September 4th. The deadline for entries is this coming Thursday, August 30th. This edition will be hosted by David Maister, co-Author of The Trusted Advisor. David is perhaps the premier thinker in professional services managment, an industry whose entire business model is built around the idea of trusted advisor relationships, and as such I'm very much looking forward to reading his selection of articles.
David Maister is no stranger to the legal profession, and many lawyers follow his business blog regularly. Though not a lawyer, David Maister even hosted a law blog carnival for us -- Blawg Review #76 -- and is scheduled to host Blawg Review again on October 22, 2007.

Coincidentally, that same day we're hosting the grand-daddy of all business blog carnivals, the Carnival of the Capitalists, right here on this blog. That will be our third year in a row hosting the Carnival of the Capitalists on Blawg Review in the week following the founders' anniversary editions. In previous years, it worked out quite well, building new business blog readership for Blawg Review, and law blogs, when we hosted the Carnival of the Capitalists #107 and CotC #159 as our way of giving back to the CotC, the business blog carnival that inspired the carnival of law bloggers.

Participating in the Carnival of Trust and the Carnival of the Capitalists is a great way for lawyers who blog to get their best stuff read by business blog readers -- beyond the blawgosphere!