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Best Post of the Week

Check out Political Calculations, which collects each week the best of the business blog carnivals in a regular Friday feature called "On the Moneyed Midways". This week, the Carnival of Trust, hosted here on the Blawg Review weblog, was found to contain the best post of the week, anywhere!
What happens to an anonymous blogger when the New York Times devotes its extensive news-gathering resources to outing the man behind a highly entertaining curtain? The Fake Steve Jobs shares his reaction in The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Here's the Running Index for On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's only roundup of the top posts from each week's blog carnivals dedicated to money, business, career and other related topics. You'll find all the editions assembled over the course of 2007, presented with the newest editions on top and the oldest at the bottom.

Selecting the best posts each week from all the business blog carnivals, On the Moneyed Midways is essential reading for lawyers who would like to follow all the best business blog carnivals, but only have a limited amount of time to read blogs that are not specifically law blogs.