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The British Invasion

The British Invasion was an influx of rock and roll, beat and pop performers from the United Kingdom (mostly England) who became popular in the United States, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The classic British Invasion period was 1964 to 1967, but the term may also be applied to later "waves" of UK artists that had significant impact on entertainment markets outside of Britain.
Like these musicians before them, Barristers and Solicitors from the UK are being heard around the world, and they're bringing a unique sense of British style and humour to the blawgosphere.

This week's Blawg Review #115 at Nearly Legal follows the lead of Justin Patten's Human Law blog and presages a seemingly continuous stream of bloggage from across the pond that is influencing legal thinking everywhere on the worldwide web.

Yes, indeed, the British are coming!

Stay tuned for Blawg Review #116 on Corporate Blawg UK.