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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

BlawgWorld 2007 Free Here

BlawgWorld 2007 compiles 77 exemplary posts from law blogs, and presents them in an easy-to-navigate e-book pdf format you can download here for free.

Seventy-seven blogs are featured in this year's BlawgWorld 2007, including this week's host of Blawg Review #119, Above the Law.

Confirming what we've known for quite a while -- that some of the most well-regarded law bloggers host Blawg Review -- here's a list of our previous hosts that are included in BlawgWorld 2007, with links to their respective issues of Blawg Review.

Congratulations to all whose blogs were selected for BlawgWorld 2007 from among the many others deserving recognition. Balkinization, Concurring Opinions, and The Volokh Conspiracy are just a few of the other well-regarded aw blogs we'd like to see included. Will next year's edition of BlawgWorld 2008 showcase 100 of the best law blogs? Don't be surprised!

Editor Sara Skiff and Publisher Neil Squillante and the entire eBook Team at TechnoLawyer have put together an outstanding presentation of law blogs in an interesting new eBlook format described in this video, making BlawgWorld 2007 accessible to many lawyers who might not yet be reading or writing blogs. The new eBook format makes it really easy to navigate this sampling of the blawgosphere to get a feel for what's all the excitement about law blogs. Well done, I say, but check it out for yourself.

Download BlawgWorld 2007 here now. It's free!!!

Now, go read this week's Blawg Review #119 by the incomparable David Lat at Above the Law: A Legal Tabloid.