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Out To Lunch

I got an email from LA's Dopest Attorney, today. Not inviting me to lunch, which would be delightful...

No, instead of inviting the Editor of Blawg Review out to lunch to thank us for the excellent write-up we gave her when she uploaded her promotional video to YouTube, LA's Dopest Attorney Allison Margolin wrote to ask that we remove this blog post. Allison complains:
According to my computer guys you apparently update it regularily to stay on the top of google list which is not very cool.
Er, no, actually we don't. So what is her problem with this post?

Did we say anything untrue or unflattering? Did we cause her embarrassment? No, it seems the problem is that her computer guys are having difficulty getting their client's blog to the number one spot on Google for the search string LA's Dopest Attorney.

What should we do about it? Take down our blog post? What about the freedom of the press? Allison Margolin is a civil rights lawyer and a blogger. She knows we haven't done anything different in writing about her promotional video on YouTube than the LA Times or Defamer, or the blawgosphere's best legal gossip blog, Above the Law.

But there's clearly no justification for Blawg Review having better seach engine optimization than Allison Margolin. So c'mon ppl, help an aspiring law blogger out. Please include a link to LA's Dopest Attorney on your blawg and give her the Google juice she thinks she deserves. And let's help LA's dopiest computer guy look like a genius, too.

Update: Susan Cartier Liebel offers her thoughts on Allison Margolin's blog and YouTube videos, and commments on my post above, which she says is "just too funny." And Bob Ambrogi, at's Legal Blog Watch asks, "In the quest for search-engine rankings, are lawyers forgetting the value of good PR?"