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From There to Here to Where?

Bill Gratsch, whose directory of legal blogs at has listed over 1,600 law blogs over the past four years, is hosting an extraordinary Blawg Review #111 that takes us back to the early days -- 2001/2002 -- when only a handful of lawyers were blogging.
People with vision like LexBlog's Kevin O'Keefe, ClarisLaw's Nick Carroll and Justia's Tim Stanley were not only anticipating this growth and value of blawgs and the blawgosphere, but acting on it.

Indeed, it was the companies and people like these, who helped enable, foster and channel the content and buzz that the individual members of the blawgosphere were creating everyday in relevant and timely posts on myriad legal topics.

So what is the state of the blawgosphere in June 2007?

Today, the blawgosphere includes close to 2000 blawgs (Justia has indexed over 1800, while Blawg has over 1600, and with new blawgs coming online everyday no doubt some are not yet discovered). Companies, old, new and as-yet-formed, are crafting business plans and formulating ideas, all seeking to participate in some way, shape or form.

And, the members of the blawgosphere themselves continue to expand and deepen their writing and coverage of topics, large and small. To this point, just take a look at some of the best recent posts out there.
Next week, Justia's Tim Stanley will be hosting Blawg Review #112, and Kevin O'Keefe at LexBlog is already scheduled to host not one, but two, upcoming issues of Blawg Review in 2007 and 2008. Check out the sidebar of our Blawg Review weblog to see who else is scheduled to host upcoming issues and who has hosted the previous 111. Now, there's a directory of leading law bloggers if we ever saw one.