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Carnival of Trust

The First Carnival of Trust is up at Trust Matters, the business blog of Charles Green, co-author of The Trusted Advisor with David Maister, who hosted Blawg Review #76 and is scheduled to host again soon.

There are few business books that will have a greater positive effect on a lawyer's success than The Trusted Advisor, which I recommend every lawyer and law student read. So, it was as much an honor as it was a total surprise to me when Charlie Green contacted your humble editor by email asking for a bit of advice on how to set up and manage a blog carnival on the subject of trust.

I hope he'll trust me to host an upcoming edition of the Carnival of Trust for lawyers right here on Blawg Review, and that he might also agree to host an issue of Blawg Review for us.

Update: Charles H. Green responded by email:

You are very gracious indeed.

First you give me this wonderful advice, which I could have gotten from nowhere else; then you publicly give me such a wonderful sendoff. I am very grateful to you, and if I knew how to post this publicly on your site I would do so (please feel free to do so yourself).

As far as cross-hosting, that is even more generous of you. I want to try one more iteration with myself at the helm to test the categories, but I would be extremely honored if you’d be the first guest-host of COT the time after that. And I am even more flattered that you would have me host Blawg Review; that would be an honor, and I will do so anytime you say the word, at your convenience.

Many thanks for all this; you exemplify how the blogosphere ‘sposed to work.

Best wishes,

Charlie Green
Your blushing editor is looking forward to being the first guest host of the Carnival of Trust, and we welcome Charlie Green to be our host of Blawg Review at Trust Matters on March 10, 2008.