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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest


Matt Homann kindly invited me to this Techshow Blogger Bar Crawl he's organizing for March 22nd to complement the ABA Techshow in Chicago next week. It sounds like the sort of thing I should be going to. Interesting to get together with some of the tech-savvy lawyers on the LexThink! mailing list. My therapist says it would be good to get out more often, and frankly, I could use a drink.

Speaking of getting together with interesting law bloggers in person, there's a very good chance I'll be attending another one of these unconferences on March 28th.

The High Tech Law Institute at SCU Law is sponsoring a gathering for Bay Area legal bloggers/blawgers. "Our goal is to get all of us together in a room to meet each other, socialize a bit, and discuss topics of common interest in a group discussion," says Professor Eric Goldman, who's organizing the event.

Who is expected to be there? The event will cater principally to legal bloggers in the Bay Area, but everyone is welcome. Confirmed blogger-attendees so far include Harry Boadwee, Matt Cutts of Google (75% confirmed), Stephen Diamond, Mike Dillon of Sun, Sean Garrett of 463 Communications (trying to make it), Cathy Gellis, Eric Goldman of SCU, Joe Gratz of Keker & Van Nest, Beth Grimm, Matt Holohan, Chris Hoofnagle of Boalt, Cathy Kirkman of Wilson Sonsini, Kim Kralowec of the Furth firm, David Levine of Stanford Law CIS, Mike Masnick of TechDirt, Kurt Opsahl of EFF, Kristie Prinz, Colin Rule of eBay/PayPal, Colin Samuels, Erik Schmidt of SCU, Jason Schultz of EFF, Mark Smith of SCU, Transmogriflaw, and Colette Vogele. Other expected attendees include Rudy Guyon of Fujitsu, Jan Lewis of Wilson Sonsini, Elizabeth Nevis, Risa Schwartz of Cisco and Louis Wu.

Check this post for continuous updates as to who all is likely to attend, but don't expect my real name to be published anytime soon.