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Public Defenders Get Respect

Public Defender Investigator Greg Worthen, who will be hosting our Blawg Review #91 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, announced the winners of The 2006 Public Defenders Blogger Awards, affectionately known as "The Rodneys" after the great Rodney "I don't get no respect" Dangerfield.

Among this year's winners are previous hosts of Blawg Review.

Blonde Justice, who hosted Blawg Review #61, took home the hardware for Best Blog by a Female Public Defender, Best Personality, and Ms Congeniality.

The Imbroglio, who hosted Blawg Review #25 when, as a law student, he was an ambivalent imbroglio, earned awards for Best New Public Defender Blog and Best Design.

Congratulations to all the Public Defenders, who will be up against Prosecutors, too, in next year's Blawg Review Awards.

And a big vote of thanks to Greg Worthen at Public Defender Stuff for taking care of his Public Defenders and making sure we law bloggers remember always to give these lawyers the respect they deserve.