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Mummer On Parade

For the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia, which marched up Broad Street today as a make-up day on account of rain on New Year's Day, the editor of Blawg Review came out, in a manner of speaking.

Over the past week, questions about the identity of the anonymous editor of Blawg Review have been submitted from around the world in response to this anonymous blogger's challenge.

All of the questions submitted by the participants were answered in private emails, confidentially, but a number of questions were of sufficient general interest to be answered publicly.

  • Is the editor a woman? [No]

  • Is the editor a practicing lawyer? [No]

  • Does the editor have a law degree? [Yes]

  • Is the editor a member of the bar? [Yes]

  • Is the editor over 35 years old? [Yes]

  • Has the editor written a book? [No]

  • Does the editor write for any blog besides Blawg Review? [Yes]

  • Did the editor or his blog ever win a Blawg Review Award? [No]
While several law bloggers welcomed the opportunity to have a few of their most puzzling questions about the identity of the anonymous editor of Blawg Review answered personally, others were not inclined to seek to have his veil of anonymity lifted, and refrained from asking any questions. I appreciate the participation of everyone who asked questions, and the forbearance of those who just waited to see what might be disclosed today.

Hopefully, all curiosities were sufficiently satisfied and everyone was entertained by our special New Year's presentation of Blawg Review, The Mummer's Veil. If you missed it, check out Blawg Review #89.

And if you want to see more of the Mummers Parade, you can watch Strut! the movie on DVD, or preview online video clips here.