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Lawyers Appreciate Link Love

Lawyers appreciate link love.

Stephanie West Allen of idealawg, who's scheduled to host Blawg Review on June 25th, and Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar, who will be collaborating with her in that issue of Blawg Review, came up with this wonderful idea to close out the year with a flurry of appreciation in the legal blogosphere.

I was tagged by my good friend David Giacalone, whose new blog SHLEP: the Self-Help Law ExPress, winner of this year's Blawg Review Award for Best Law Blog in the Public Interest, has received even more link love recently than his popular haiku and legal punditry blog at f/k/a..., which was recognized last year with an award for Creative Law Blog.

Remember, if you find an interesting law blog linked in Blawg Review, consider spreading some link love on your blog. It's really appreciated.

It's a bit late in the game for me to tag three law bloggers by name, so I'll take this opportunity to invite you if you were not yet tagged and would like to contribute to this "Lawyers Appreciate" linkfest. Go ahead, and say the anonymous editor of Blawg Review invited you.

Here’s a list of those who’ve joined in the "Lawyers Appreciate…" countdown.