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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Blog Carnival Specials

David Harlow's Health Care Law Blog hosts Blawg Reivew #88, an entertaining selection of the greatest hits found on law blogs -- arranged with musical musings and links to some of the greatest musicians.

Also this week, Jeff Cornwall, the Director of the Belmont University Center for Entrepreneurship presents The Carnival of the Capitalists' List to Santa.

Which reminds me...

There might be some nice surprises on Christmas Day this year, when lawyers, law students and law professors who blog are presented here with this year's Blawg Review Awards.

This week we're looking for your submissions and recommendations for awards in categories similar to the Blawg Review Awards 2005. And if your law blog doesn't fit one of those categories, make up a new category you think yours would be the best in and we'll consider it for special recognition this year. Help ensure that we don't forget to give an award to every outstanding law blog this year.

There's lots of bloggy goodness to keep you connected with the blogoshere over the holidays between Christmas and New Year's Day, when we'll have yet another special presentation to start the New Year.