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Monday Blog Carnival Madness

The Carnival of the Capitalists is coming here on October 23rd. Blawg Review hosted Carnival of the Capitalists #107 a year ago to the very date, on October 23, 2005, so we're promoting our next CotC as Lawyers Are Capitalists II, the sequel.

Business bloggers who follow the CotC regularly will find a complete presentation of submissions, plus a few from business-minded lawyers who take this opportunity to submit something good for the best carnival of business and economics. After all, lawyers are capitalists too.

Also on Monday, we're hosting Blawg Review #80, our own carnival of law bloggers, which promises to be an entertaining look at the best recent law blog posts of interest to everyone concerned with the laws affecting our lives. As is often done with Blawg Review, the selection of law blog posts will be presented in a theme. This week we'll have Professor Kingsfield, the famous professor in The Paper Chase, to thank for his unrelenting use of the Socratic method on his students as the inspiration for our presentation.