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Blawgr Coming Soon

Blawgr is a website where everyone interested in law can freely and easily publish a law blog of their own, and engage in conversations, discussions, and debate with members of the legal community.

Experienced law bloggers will appreciate that Blawgr is a very robust platform with many features they may have dreamed about to create a sense of community with blog readership using most other standalone weblog programs, like Blogger, Typepad, and Wordpress. Blog software typically developed as a personal publishing tool, with little or no regard for any sense of community -- more of a vanity press than a coffee house on a university campus. Blawgr is different.

Blawgr betaRight now, we're beta testing the site in development, and it's lookin' good. With any luck, we should be ready to blow the doors off real soon. "Who's we?" you might ask. Just a few tech-savvy law bloggers, like Kevin Heller, Steve Nipper, Matt Buchanan and Doug Sorocco. And this editor has signed on, as well, to help with herding cats.

I'm havin' fun working with this group of innovators and rethinkers, and we're looking forward to inviting all who have made Blawg Review such a success to join with us in this new and exciting project for law bloggers. You'll be the first invited.