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BlogHer 2006

Ann Althouse made the road trip to the BlogHer conference this week in her Audi TT, and found San Jose a city polarized by sex.

"We can all agree now, women are the power of Web 2.0," said Lisa Stone, one of the founders of BlogHer, which made big news bringing together over 700 bloggers at a conference this weekend in San Jose.

Among the many law bloggers in the BlogHer community are several friends of Blawg Review, including these hosts: Carolyn Elefant, Monica Bay, Anita Campbell, and Denise Howell.

BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone, though not a lawyer, was a strong proponent of Blawg Review affiliation with ALM and, being a professional journalist, was an excellent host of Blawg Review #27 when our project joined the Blog Network. And now, with the success of BlogHer 2006, it looks like Lisa really caught the wave.

Check out what's hot in law blogs on BlogHer.