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Blawgs Affecting Legal World

In thirteen thoughfully written essays published in print and made available online, NeXus, a Journal of Opinion published by Chapman University School of Law, raises an interesting question.

How are Blogs Affecting the Legal World?

  • Editor's Note The Times They Are a Changing, by Hugh Hewitt

  • The Information Age, Again, by Timothy Sandefur

  • Legal Blogs: The Search for Legitimacy, by Lyle Denniston

  • Lessons from the Clash Between Campaign Finance Laws and the Blogosphere, by Richard L.Hasen

  • Employee Blogs and Trade Secrets: Legal Response to Technological Change, by Vincent Chiappetta

  • "Or of the [Blog]," by Paul Horwitz

  • Blog You, by Denise M. Howell

  • The Impact of Blogging on the Practice of Law: Hit the Snooze Button, by Tom W. Bell

  • Legal Blogs and the Supreme Court Confirmation Process, by Tung Yin

  • Humanizing the Profession: Lawyers Find Their Public Voices Through Blogging, by Colin Samuels

  • The Blogosphere and The New Pamphleteers, by Donald J. Kochan

  • Late Night Thoughts on Blogging While Reading Duncan Kennedy‚Äôs Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy in an Arkansas Motel Room, by Franklin G. Snyder

  • Blogs and the First Amendment, by David L. Hudson, Jr.
This weekend, while Jeremy Blachman and the Anonymous Lawyer were spending their non-billable hours preparing Blawg Review #68, this editor's time was well-spent reading two of these articles written by previous hosts of Blawg Review, Denise Howell and Colin Samuels, who concludes:
The rise of legal blogging is not a matter of a few attorneys riding a new wave of communications technology, but instead marks the legal profession's welcome return to an ongoing community dialogue.
After reading the best of the past week's posts in Blawg Review #68, this editor is going back to check out the rest of those essays.

And I'm going to have a good look at the NeXus blog, too, which is a new one added to this blawgroll.