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Number 1 on The Law List

Things are going well at Blawg Review, and it just keeps getting better.

We're pleased to note that our Blawg Review site is now ranked number 1 on The Law List (30 Day Ranking Page) at PubSub. All the credit is due to our fabulous hosts.

Look who's hosting Blawg Review in the months ahead, among others:

May 8 Point of Law [Walter Olson & Friends]

May 22 Tech Law Advisor [Kevin Heller]

May 29 Memorial Day Special [special host to be announced]

Jun 5 The Trademark Blog [Marty Schwimmer]

Jul 3 How Appealing [Howard Bashman]

Jul 17 The Common Scold [Monica Bay at ALM]

Jul 31 Jeremy Blachman's Blog [The Anonymous Lawyer]

...and the hits keep comin'. The next available hosting date isn't until September 25, 2006, and we've got more great law bloggers lined up to host Blawg Review even into 2007.