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Blawgfather's Blawg Review

Kevin J. Heller is one of the blawgfathers of Blawg Review, having single-handedly launched the first blog carnival for law bloggers with the moniker Belly Up to the Bar. After picking up the rounds himself for the first four of those parties, Kevin was relieved when Evan Schaeffer and I came along with a plan to help take his blog carnival on the road as Blawg Review, which has been hosted since then by 57 lawyers, law students, and law professors, at a variety of law blogs.

When Tech Law Advisor presents Blawg Review #58 next, it will be Kevin Heller's second time hosting Blawg Review, but his sixth presentation of a blog carnival for law bloggers. Nobody has more experience with this than Kevin. Blawg Review has come a long way since its inception, and much of the credit for its success is due to our blawgfather, Kevin Heller, a mentor who continues to be a regular contributor to Blawg Review every week and a strong supporter of each new host.

Coincidentally, the next issue of Blawg Review will mark five years to the day since Kevin Heller started his first law-related blog -- long before anyone had even heard of a blawg, nevermind Blawg Review. So, please join us in celebration of Kevin Heller's fifth blawgiversary by contributing your best recent post, or recommending an excellent article from another law blog you've read this week, for Blawg Review #58.