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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

We've Got Issues

Back issues—a year's worth. Every issue of Blawg Review is made up of outstanding law blog posts selected by a new host each week and presented in an entertaining overview for everyone interested in law.

Blawg Review is a peer-reviewed blog carnival. Unlike most other blog carnivals, which rely only on submissions of bloggers' posts, Blawg Review is the host's presentation of some of the best law-related posts each week from various sources, including those recommended by readers.

The host of each issue decides which posts of those submittted and recommended are best for inclusion in that week's presentation of Blawg Review. As well, the host is encouraged to find another dozen or so interesting posts that fit with any special theme of that issue of Blawg Review envisaged by the host.

The host's personal selections usually include several law blog posts that reflect the subject interests of the host and the style of the hosting blawg, recognizing that the regular readership of that blog should find some of the usual content, and new readers of the blog, who are visiting for Blawg Review, ought to get some sense of the unique perspective and subject specialties of the host.

Blawg Review benefits from the widest possible participation and relies on submissions and recommendations from many different law bloggers, and several of the previous hosts continue to be regular contributors.

Here's a list of the back issues of Blawg Review, so far.It's hard to believe it's been a year to the day since we started this blog carnival to increase awareness for law blogs, and to have some fun with the growing number of bloggers in the legal community. Have we been successful? It probably depends how we measure success. By any measure, our work is not done and we're not done havin' fun.

Happy Blawgiversary—thanks to everyone for all the link love.

It's encouraging to see just how many blog posts have mentioned "Blawg Review" per day in the last 365 days.